Video Interview - Guy Myles
We spoke to Guy Myles, CEO of our pensions partner, Flying Colours, about the importance of advice, why people are getting it wrong, and how they can make better use fo their pension funds

The dangers of going it alone

Approaching retirement can be a time of great uncertainty – there are big questions over things like tax legislation, rising living expenses, your own changing personal situation and your life expectancy. Only personalised financial advice can take into account your own unique circumstances – whatever they may be – and create a solution that meets your needs. Financial advice can help ensure that you do the best you can with the resources you have at your disposal, while avoiding the pitfalls of DIY investing.


The complex pensions landscape

The complicated – and constantly changing – legislation around pensions can lead people to make the wrong decisions when it comes to planning for their retirement. Pensions are a politically charged issue, meaning the rules governing them change almost every year. Few people are up-to-date on the current legislation, so it is important to receive reliable financial advice from someone abreast of the facts. Getting it right can result in security and financial resilience – getting it wrong can cause real damage.


Avoiding the hard sell

Often people working in the pensions industry will try to steer customers towards whatever financial product will reap them the most commission. It can sometimes be difficult to hear above the cacophony of salespeople hawking their wares, which only complicates an already confusing situation. Receiving unbiased financial advice has the benefit of simplifying things, making it easier for you to focus on what really matters: making the most healthy returns on your investment for a sustainable, long-term future.